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Moonloop Records is a record label based in Switzerland, whose contributors have a long and strong presence in the global psytrance scene. They have organized major events in Switzerland and have developed a big network through years of intense activity. Moonloop Records is of course willing to release only high production music, either by established artists or newcomers, and will not make any compromise on quality and psychedelic sonic pleasure.

Moonloop Records was the first ever label to release tracks by Ajja, Yab Yum and Midimal. We keep seaching for such talented newcomers and hope for them the same kind of success!

You can listen to our music under the “Release” section and get to know artist in their section. “Events” is a list of upcoming gigs by our artists.

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  • HOPTECA ARTWORK v.finale 1600We are proud to introduce the first EP of Hopteca, intelligent and deep psytrance who will seduce your mind and let you explore new inner territories. Have a good dive.
  • hoptecaThis project is focused on psychedelic trance. I'm looking to bring hypnotic states of mind, weird sonorities and technoidal rythms. Have a try
  • heating-comets3000Like comets who stay far away from the center of our solar system in its coldest realms for sometimes hundreds of years or more, the tracks presented here spent most of their life sleeping on Mercury Fall hard drives. Occasionally through the years, they were worked on, rewritten, rearranged, then forgotten again, very much like comets passing by the Sun before returning to oblivion. Finally they are now abandoned to their present state for anyone interested to enjoy and travel along. credits released December 14, 2016 1. Heating Comet 2. Gauged on the Ganges 3. Taurus Moon 4. Drone Reaktion Part 1 Alexandre Cagli: writing, producing, programming, software and hardware synthesizers, samples selection and treatment, acoustic guitar on track 2, mixing. Guest musicians on track 1: Julien Aslak Aho: handpans, flute and Sansula. Olivier Bruchez: electric and acoustic guitars. Instruments recorded at Hermes Studio in Yverdon-les-Bains. Mastered by Ralph "Braincell" Knobloch at Noizebusters Original artwork by Evelin Rupp Contact: mercuryfall@gmail.com www.moonloop-records.com MOCA003 (c) and (p) Moonloop Records 2016
  • coverThe second release on Moonloop Café is the first album by Souloop, an electro-hang project gravitating around Julien "Aslak" Aho & Daniel "Almacalma" Leuenberger, two fine swiss melomaniacs who just love to make music. They are joined by their usual accomplices, Sophie Rampa & Sacha Nielsen from the Hang Brothers. Souloop is a blend of electronic grooves and the mellow energy of the Hang Drum. Soulful vocals, a dash of percussion and wind instruments round off the ensemble. credits released November 17, 2016 All tracks composed by Daniel Leuenberger & Julien Aho Track 1 original by Free Soul School Switzerland Track 9 original by Sophie Rampa Daniel Leuenberger : Vocals, Lyrics, Percussions Julien Aho : Handpan, Production, Mix, Mastering Guests : Sophie Rampa : Vocals (on tracks 3, 6, 7, 8, 9) and Sacha Nielsen : Hang (8), Flute (9), Vocals (3)
  • casa-show-cover3000Techno-minimal-progressive meets sax and harp blues in a cool offbeat super dancy project!